Symbolism, is the name or meaning given to everything to nothing.  In essence it is how humans describe and give meaning to life, the word life is a symbol of the human experience.

Adinkra are visual symbols that represent concepts or aphorisms. Adinkra are used extensively in fabrics and pottery among the Akans of Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire. They are incorporated into walls and other architectural features. The Gye Nyame “except for God”symbol of the supremacy of God.This unique and beautiful symbol is ubiquitous in Ghana. It is by far the most popular for use in decoration, a reflection on the deeply religious character of the Ghanaian people
This is one of the signs for “Nyame” which admonishes people not to fear anything except God. It is the highest of the Adinkra symbols and describes the all-encompassing God and his omnipotence. This is the symbol painted on the above flooring.

The Ankh symbol is one of my favorite as it is the original cross and represents life.  The oval shape is that of the female, the stem or legs represent the male and the arms are the offsprings.  I do use the ankh in a lot my pieces and this design is tattooed on my back.


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